Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A small update

I am still around! I plan on updating this blog really soon, but it looks to me that blogger has changed a lot since I have last been on and I need to figure out how to navigate!

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Cat

So, over the weekend, my sister and I brought a new kitten into our home and I have discovered something terrible. I am allergic to cats. It is not so bad that I can't go to someone's house who has a cat, but it so bad that I can't live with a cat, especially one that is prone to crawling all over me and everything else. My head aches, my eyes are itchy, my nose is runny, and I have a whole host of other cat induced symptoms. So, now we have to find a new home for the cat or I have to find a new home. I'm pretty sure that this is going to be a case of the cat moving. At any rate, at least I know for the future.

She is cute, but she is just too much for my poor self to handle! Especially because it has become hard for me to breathe, luckily though, I have an inhaler. Stll, though, I would rather be able to breathe in my house than to have a cute cat!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

For this week, I thought that I would list thirteen of my all time favorite movies. If you would like to participate or view more Thursday 13's, then I suggest you go here- to the home of the Thursday 13

1. The Major and the Minor- A very funny movie with Ray Milland and Ginger Rogers from the 1940s.

2. Bachelor Mother- David Niven and Ginger Rogers. 1939, I think.

3. Some Like it Hot- Tony Curtis, Marilynn Monroe, and a few other big names. Late 50s. Very funny.

4. Annie Get Your Gun- Betty Hutton and Howard Keel.

5. Singin' in the Rain- Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly.

6. American Tail.

7. The Wilderness Family Adventures- a little bit corny but fun to watch.

8. Pollyanna. Hayley Mills and Jane Wyman. Can't go wrong there.

9. Gone With the Wind- Clark Gable, Olivia De Havilland, and Vivien Leigh. 1939. A true classic.

10. Sound of Music- Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. I love the songs in this one.

11. My Fair Lady- Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. Julie Andrews sounded amazing in the Broadway version, it is a pity that Hollywood didn't think she could pull of the film. Obviously, she proved them wrong with her later ventures

12. The Miracle of Morgans Creek- Betty Hutton shines in this is. A very funny movie from the 40s.

13. The Farmer's Daughter- 1930s or 1940s, I can't remember, but it has Loretta Young and Joseph Cotton in it, so you know you can't go wrong!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cryo-Cell and Breast Cancer

Cryo-Cell International is a company that I have mentioned a few times before on my blog but in case some of you have forgotten or are new readers, I’ll give you a recap. Cryo-Cell International is a company devoted to storing menstrual blood stem cells for their customers and researching the possibilities of menstrual blood stem cells. Already, these stem cells have been shown to help in alleviating a multitude of diseases. Now, Cryo-Cell has partnered with the National Institute of Health to explore the possibility of using menstrual blood stem cells to help in the fight against breast cancer.

Since, as I am sure most of you have noticed, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Cryo-Cell International has partnered with the Susan B. Komen foundation to make a Cyro-Cell Breast Cancer Donation. For every sale of their “Protect Baby, Protect Mom” service, they will donate $50 to the cause and for every sale of their “C’elle Menstrual Stem Cell” service, they will donate $25 to the Susan B Komen foundation to help fight breast cancer.

All of this is in hopes that someday we will be a world free of breast cancer. If you would like more information about Cryo-Cell or their C'Elle Breast Cancer Donations, then please feel free to visit the links!


Different Types of Yarn

Since I have been crocheting so much lately, I have also been buying a lot of different types of yarn. I have noticed that you can get yarn made out of almost anything. I have seen yarn made out of very traditional things like wool, acrylic, nylon and cotton. I have also seen some yarn made out of not so traditional things like bamboo, corn and soybeans. I have not tried crocheting with any yarn made out of soybeans or corn yet but let me tell you, bamboo yarn is very soft. I have a blend of bamboo and silk and it is beautiful. I am not quite sure what I am going to make out of it yet, though. I think at this point I am a bit more interested in looking and feeling all the different yarns out there than actually deciding what to make out of each one. But, I do want to make something out of each interesting blend that I have found so far just because I think that it is neat!

Pet and Go!

My sister and I have been thinking a lot lately about whether or not we should adopt a pet. I think that it would be very nice to have a cat around, but of course, where to find the said cat is a problem. Sometimes, you cannot always trust the people you are looking to adopt an animal from. Sadly, people lie and you might find yourself attached to a very sick animal that does not have very long to live or that is in need of a lot of medical help.

Yet, not every place is like this! In fact, I just learned about a fabulous site that can help you find an animal to adopt in your area. It is called Petandgo.com. What is really neat about petandgo.com is that it is in real time and will only show you animals in your area- it searches based on your zip code- that are from reputable shelters. The last thing when you are looking to adopt an animal that you need to worry about is whether or not the people you are dealing with are legitimate. So, check it out, Petango.com - Adopt a cat! or a dog! Or perhaps you will find some other cute little animal that is in need of a nice and loving home in your area!


Look! I can now make socks!

I've been really busy this last week, as you can all probably tell due to the dearth of updates, but I have been busy for good reasons! Not only have I had school and work, but I've learned how to do something that I've been wanting to learn how to do for a long time- make socks!! These are crocheted socks no less, not knitted socks. I am not very good at knitting and I have always been scared to make knitted socks because I have read about it before and it seems to me that it takes a lot of talent-- either with three knitting needles to do the heel or you have to use a curved one?.. anyway, crocheted socks aren't that difficult and don't take very long either. Here is a photo of the second sock that I made. I'm really impressed with myself, but what do you all think?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

LG Find Your Bliss Contest

Is there anything ugly in your life that you would like to be rid of forever? Just looking around my living room, I can see some ugly things that I would like to go. For example, one of my couches is rather old and needs some cosmetic help. I think that I am going to recover it eventually; I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I never thought that actually having something ugly would come in handy, but it has! Currently, until November 6th of this year, LG is running on a contest on Facebook where you can win a brand new LG Bliss phone or a $50 gift certificate. All you have to do to enter through your facebook account is be over 18 years old and take a picture or make a video of something that you find to be ugly. This could be an object or behavior.

If you would like to enter then just visit the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page. Here you can also learn more about the contest and take a look at what other people have submitted in the Gallery of the Utterly Ugly!

So, what ugliness would you leave behind and what would you want to find your bliss? Make an entry and good luck!


Rain is in the weather forecast twice for the upcoming week and I am quite over the moon about it! It has not rained in such a long time and I miss it so much. Well, technically, it did rain a few weeks ago, but it happened in the middle of the night and only lasted for a short while. I can't really count that because I did not see it at all. But, with rain scheduled (I like how that sounds- like someone made up a schedule of the weather and thought to themselves, boy it would be so nice to have rain on Tuesday) twice, I think that the chances of me seeing rain are rather excellent!

I am also quite excited for the rain because I now have rain boots! Now, not only are these rain boots comfortable, but they are also very cute! I love to have cute shoes but it is much more important to me to have comfortable shoes. Because, if my shoes aren't comfortable, then I can't really wear them, and that is not any fun at all. Well, I could wear them, but only for a little while before my feet would be blistered and killing me. Somehow, I just don't think that I am really going to go that far for the sake of fashion!

Jumping in puddles, here I come!

Friday, October 9, 2009


I’ve blogged before about Charter Communications and all of their amazing promotions. Perhaps some of you remember that they have had contests where they have given away cars, laptops and Xboxes. Well, guess what folks? Charter is having another sweepstakes! This time, it is a Camaro Sweepstakes! They are giving away the 2010 Camaro 2SS, with sales tax included in the prize! You can enter the contest until November 26th at noon.

Charter, in case some of you have forgotten or are not aware, is a leader in the communications industry. Charter offers telephone, Internet, and cable services at very good prices. Right now, Charter is offering a promotion where if you buy 3 Charter services then you will get a $100 gift card, if you buy 2 Charter services then you will get a $50 gift card, and if you buy one service, then you will get a $25 gift card! Just check out the link above or check out Charter on Facebook or Charter on Twitter if you want to learn more!

Since it can be hard to keep up with all of the amazing promotions that Charter is always offering, it makes sense to follow them on twitter or add then on Facebook! I know that I don’t want to miss out on any promotion that they have going on!

I figured it out....

All this past summer, my apartment has always been insanely hot. It didn't matter what the temperature was outside, it was always hot inside. Even now that the weather has cooled down a whole lot, it is still very warm inside of my apartment. The heater is not turned on, in fact the pilot light on the heater isn't even lit, and yet it is still hot. So, I was talking to our apartment manager and she said it is because a lot of hot water pipes are in our apartment floors! Now, that explains a lot! It also makes me pretty happy because that means that we shouldn't even really need to use the heater much this winter because it is just naturally warm in here thanks to the hot water pipes in the floor. There is the silver lining to having an apartment that is hot in the summer, that it will be quite nice in the winter!!

Branson Cooking Weekend

This might seem last minute, but is anyone looking to get away next weekend? If so, then I have found the perfect place for you and your guest to go! A trip to the Branson, Missouri Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel just might be the thing that you need. Next weekend, October 16th and 17th, is the hotel’s Cooking School weekend! The weekend will kick off with a Wine Tasting Event and then a cooking demonstration by the Hotel Chef Nathan Read! The whole weekend will be filled with various cooking demonstrations and delicious meals. The best part about this is that package will only cost $398 plus tax for both nights! That rate is for two people.

If you decide to go, then you should know that Branson, Missouri is a very exciting place. If you can pull yourself away from the hotel, you should check out some of the beautiful natural scenery that Branson has to offer, one or more of the 49 live entertainment theatres, a museum or two, or perhaps go to one of the many shopping centers that are in and around Branson!

Please feel free to check out the link if you would like to learn more information about Branson and the fabulous Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel!


30 day challenge update

So, I was all ready to start this and then I developed a head cold. Of course that would happen! At any rate, I have decided that I need to redefine exactly what it is that I want to do. I want to make exercise part of my daily life again or at least as much of my life as possible. I do want to be active everyday but I am not sure that it is going to be in the form of structured exercise. I think that I my new goal is to exercise three to five times a week rather than to shoot for everyday. This will still be a thirty day challenge but instead of calling it that, I want to call it a monthly challenge. So, my new goal is to exercise three to five times each week for a month. This should be a much easier goal for me to accomplish and I am still going to update my blog on my progress. If any of you out there want to join me, go ahead!

Maple Leaf Foods

To all of my Canadian readers out there in Canada, I have some very exciting information to share with you! With Thanksgiving coming up on this next Monday, I bet that some of you are wishing that you had a new kitchen. Well, I have great news! Right now, Maple Leaf Foods is having a contest where they are offering a kitchen makeover worth $32,000 and 12 Frigidaire fridges! All you have to do to enter is visit the website and enter in your email address. The best part about this contest is that you can enter every day until December 15, 2009! Also, every entrant into this contest is eligible for a $500 rebate from Frigidaire. Remember though, only Canadian residents are eligible for this contest!

Maple Leaf Foods has an amazing website where you can easily learn all about their various food products by visiting their butcher, baker and pasta maker! It is very interactive, almost as if you were actually there! You can also get some amazing coupons, recipes, cooking tips, information about their various contests and more. It is a really neat experience to visit their website, even for those who don’t live in Canada; so I suggest that you all check it out!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- Thirteen Signs that Fall is Here!

This week, I decided to list out thirteen signs that fall is definitely here! If you would like to read more Thursday Thirteens or participate, please click here

1. Everywhere I step, there are leaves on the ground! I love the crunchy sound that they make and I really wish that I had a rake!

2. The persimmons on the persimmon tree are very orange and ready to be picked.

3. When I wake up in the morning, I am actually cold instead of hot and am searching for more blankets.

4. The maintenance man has to come by and turn on the heater!!

5. It is now a necessity to wear socks so that my feet won't freeze.

6. I no longer find it necessary to shave my legs every day. (no more shorts!)

7. All of my friends are asking me when I am going to be making them scarves and hats for this winter because they already want to wear them.

8. While I don't need them quite yet, I have begun to look for my gloves.

9. Everywhere I look, people are sporting sweaters- yay for cold weather!

10. When I go outside at night, there is a nice fog in the sky.

11. Safeway has started stocking pumpkins and is currently offering a free pumpkin with purchase.

12. People are starting to put up Halloween decorations.

And finally, number 13- Because it is already October!!!!

What are the signs that fall has come to your area?

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