Friday, October 9, 2009

I figured it out....

All this past summer, my apartment has always been insanely hot. It didn't matter what the temperature was outside, it was always hot inside. Even now that the weather has cooled down a whole lot, it is still very warm inside of my apartment. The heater is not turned on, in fact the pilot light on the heater isn't even lit, and yet it is still hot. So, I was talking to our apartment manager and she said it is because a lot of hot water pipes are in our apartment floors! Now, that explains a lot! It also makes me pretty happy because that means that we shouldn't even really need to use the heater much this winter because it is just naturally warm in here thanks to the hot water pipes in the floor. There is the silver lining to having an apartment that is hot in the summer, that it will be quite nice in the winter!!


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