Friday, October 9, 2009

Maple Leaf Foods

To all of my Canadian readers out there in Canada, I have some very exciting information to share with you! With Thanksgiving coming up on this next Monday, I bet that some of you are wishing that you had a new kitchen. Well, I have great news! Right now, Maple Leaf Foods is having a contest where they are offering a kitchen makeover worth $32,000 and 12 Frigidaire fridges! All you have to do to enter is visit the website and enter in your email address. The best part about this contest is that you can enter every day until December 15, 2009! Also, every entrant into this contest is eligible for a $500 rebate from Frigidaire. Remember though, only Canadian residents are eligible for this contest!

Maple Leaf Foods has an amazing website where you can easily learn all about their various food products by visiting their butcher, baker and pasta maker! It is very interactive, almost as if you were actually there! You can also get some amazing coupons, recipes, cooking tips, information about their various contests and more. It is a really neat experience to visit their website, even for those who don’t live in Canada; so I suggest that you all check it out!



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