Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- Thirteen Signs that Fall is Here!

This week, I decided to list out thirteen signs that fall is definitely here! If you would like to read more Thursday Thirteens or participate, please click here

1. Everywhere I step, there are leaves on the ground! I love the crunchy sound that they make and I really wish that I had a rake!

2. The persimmons on the persimmon tree are very orange and ready to be picked.

3. When I wake up in the morning, I am actually cold instead of hot and am searching for more blankets.

4. The maintenance man has to come by and turn on the heater!!

5. It is now a necessity to wear socks so that my feet won't freeze.

6. I no longer find it necessary to shave my legs every day. (no more shorts!)

7. All of my friends are asking me when I am going to be making them scarves and hats for this winter because they already want to wear them.

8. While I don't need them quite yet, I have begun to look for my gloves.

9. Everywhere I look, people are sporting sweaters- yay for cold weather!

10. When I go outside at night, there is a nice fog in the sky.

11. Safeway has started stocking pumpkins and is currently offering a free pumpkin with purchase.

12. People are starting to put up Halloween decorations.

And finally, number 13- Because it is already October!!!!

What are the signs that fall has come to your area?


Tracie said...

Great list.....those crunchy leaves are the best - no raking required, just slosh through them until there is enough to justify calling it a pile and then jump on in!! :-)

But the best thing on your list was definitely the no shaving!!!!

Happy TT!

Sherrie said...

Great list of Fall things! It's rainy and cold today. The leaves are turning and Winter is around the corner, YUK! Have a great evening!


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