Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time for a Vacation

Soon it will be summer, and summer is definitely the time to take a vacation! Now, since the economy is still in somewhat of a slump, you might be thinking that this year would be a good time to skip taking a vacation. Maybe, but maybe not! There are still some really great places that you can go, like Kissimmee and not have to spend a fortune!

Right now, you can actually win a free vacation to Kissimmee, Florida! Kissimmee is giving away three weekend getaways for two! That is a 3-day and 2 night stay. Plus, they are giving two (2) week-long vacations for four! All you need to do to enter is head over to the website and put yourself into the contest! There was already a drawing earlier this month, you still have time to enter the drawing that will be held around the first of May and to enter the drawing that will be held around the first of June.

There is quite a lot of exciting stuff to do in Kissimmee, like shopping, visiting their theme park, having a romantic dinner or just enjoying the natural beauty of Kissimmee. If I were going, I would totally want to check out their heritage trail where you can learn what it would be like to live in Kissimmee during the 1890s! The best part is that you can learn all about their fabulous history for free!

Check out the link and win yourself a fabulous vacation for this summer!



Signe said...

I'm so ready for vacation, too. At this point I'd camp alone in my back yard.

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