Monday, April 20, 2009

Road to Avonlea

Well, since it is so hot outside, I haven't felt like doing my homework today, although, truth be told, I don't have that much to do because I got a lot done yesterday and on Saturday night, so it is okay that I haven't done anything yet.

Instead, I've just been busy watching some really old "Road to Avonlea" episodes. I really love that show! Aunt Hetty is a stitch and I love the romance between Aunt Olivia and Jasper Dale in the earlier episodes. He is such a bumbling fool most of the time, well, I guess that I shouldn't say that he is a fool since he is actually really smart, but he does bumble and fumble around a lot, but I think that he was a great choice for Aunt Olivia. The actress who plays her did a great job, in my opinion, because she always seems so genuinely excited when she sees Jasper Dale. You can tell that she likes him!

It was actually quite funny once, when I first started watching the series, well rather I started re-watching the series when I was about twenty because I hadn't seen it since I was younger, I had a professor who looked rather like Jasper Dale. Only my teacher wasn't nearly as tall and filled out as Jasper Dale, but I thought that there was a rather striking resemblance. I guess it would have been funnier if I had found someone who looked like Aunt Olivia too... but I never did.

Anyway, I had better start sewing (I am making a little jacket for Tori) or I had better get on my homework. So much to do, so little.

Ha! I hope that everyone else has or had an excellent Monday!


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