Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feeling A lot Calmer

I'm feeling so much calmer this week than last week about my school work, but that is probably due to the fact that I had two big papers due this week and I had another midterm. Although, I am not really sure that I should call it a midterm because it is well over mid-term, but that is what it was called, so there you have. I just realized too that I only have two more papers to write!! You don't know how excited that makes me because I had so many papers to write this semester and to only have two more means that I am almost done! Which is exciting on the one hand and a little bit scary on the other hand because I don't know what the summer will hold. I think it will just be more school work and actual work, but you never really know!

Anyway, since I had so much stuff to do today at school, Tori and I had another fun and easy dinner. We both had some really good potato salad, but she got a different type than I did, and she also got some teriyaki wings. Apparently, since the wings were made this morning, the deli guy gave her a few more since they were slightly dry-- so it was a great deal! I also got an avocado for dinner, but I have not eaten it yet, even though I love avocados.

Tomorrow I am really excited because I got a new book in the mail and I'll actually have time to read it tomorrow because I don't have a lot of homework! I might even get to watch more of the Tudors, which my roommate lent me, although I might have time because I'll probably want to get through all of my book.


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