Thursday, April 2, 2009

Need Some New Clothes? Check out Sears!

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Attention all shoppers out there, Sears is currently having a fantastic sale on all of their fall and winter apparel. Right now, their fall and winter apparel is marked down between 75% to 80% off of their original prices. This sale is going on through April 18th, both online and at Sears stores.

Since my local Sears is a bit far from my house, I decided to browse the Sears website today so that I could look at some more items that are on their clearance sale and I came across this fabulous dress for only $11.99!

I think that I like it so much because it is green, one of my favorite colors, and because it has puffed sleeves. Now, puffed sleeves might not seem like something that would give someone a thrill, but for an avid “Anne of Green Gables” fan like myself, believe me it is! Now, $11.99 is a ridiculously good price to buy any dress, especially a dress that was originally $98!!

Sears has lots of other apparel items from their fall and winter collections on sale right now, so if you are in the mood for or you need some new clothes, then please check out either the link or your local Sears store so that you can snag yourself some awesome deals! 75% to 80% off is a hard deal to beat!



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