Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm going to BeeWell! What About You?

Over the weekend, I received a pedometer, courtesy of Bumble Bee Foods. Now, why would a food company send Courtney a pedometer, you might be wondering. Well, I’ll tell you! Bumble Bee Foods is currently sponsoring a program called BeeWell Miles from now until October 31, 2009. During this time, Bumble Bee Foods will donate 15 cents for every mile logged into their website, up to $200,000, for the Breast Cancer Network of Strength.

Bumble Bee Foods sent me a pedometer so that I could start walking and help them to spread the word for their cause, and hopefully get started on a cause of my own—being healthier! So, I broke out my pedometer today to track how many steps I took and how many miles that I walked. Even though I didn’t think that I went very far today, just doing what I would normally do on a Monday which included a slight walk to look at the local flora and fauna, I took over 7,500 steps! That meant that I walked over two miles without even meaning to! Just by doing what I normally do, I helped get 30 cents for the Breast Cancer Network of Strength!

Now 30 cents by itself isn’t a lot, but if I did that much every day, from now until the program is over, I could potentially help raise over $60, and if I got ten friends to do the same that would be over $600 and if they got ten friends to do the same, the number would be astounding!

So folks, please check out the website and get started on your way to a healthier lifestyle by walking more and don’t forget to log your miles!

And, to give you a taste of how beautiful a walk in the afternoon could be, here are some pictures that I took on my walk!

Some pretty purple flowers that look like they need some water.

A long stretch of Golden Poppies. Don't worry, I didn't pick any.

Checking my pedometer and the time. Seriously, I love this thing! I can see how many steps I have taken, the distance, calories I have used, etc.

California Golden Poppies, these are all over the place right now and I love it because they are so pretty!

A Beautiful Blue Flower, I'm not quite sure what it is, but it is pretty



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