Thursday, March 19, 2009

In the Rooms

The Internet has changed the way a lot of things work. Now, not all of these changes have been for the better, but I think that one thing the Internet has changed for the better is the way people get help. Never before this modern age, have people been able to get help so anonymously. With this newfound anonymity, I think that more people feel comfortable seeking help because people can’t see them, therefore, they feel less judged.

One area where this is true in is the area of addictions. Now, no one likes to admit that they have an addiction and that they need help, but once they are able to do, a whole new world opens up for them. One great place to get help for addictions online is from In The Rooms. 'In The Rooms' is dedicated to helping people with addictions and the friends and family of those who have addictions through the addiction and into recovery. 'In The Rooms' has a very friendly community and was nominated in 2009 for a Prism Award.

Please check out 'In the Rooms' and let their mantra of “HITCH” or Help, Inform, Touch, Connect and Heal, help you or your loved one today.

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