Monday, March 23, 2009

Dish Network

Since I no longer get free cable, I’ve been pretty bummed lately because I can’t watch what I want to watch. I thought about ordering it, but it would cost me so much money and since I am trying to save money, it doesn’t really work. Today, though, I found out about a deal that blows cable right out of the water! Did you know that you can get Dish Network, which is Satellite instead of Cable, for only $9.99 a month!!

Even in today’s tough economy, $9.99 a month is still something that I would be able to afford! Plus, if you order now from the “Let’s Get Dish” website, you also get a free gift of either a Apple Ipod, Digital Camera, Digital Picture Frame or a Home Theater System! What a way for them to sweeten the deal!

So if you have been looking at a way to cut costs or been thinking it is time to get more channels, then definitely take a look at this website. $9.99 a month really is a hard deal for any other company to beat! Plus, don’t forget to pick your free gift and you’ll also get a free HD DVR upgrade!



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