Monday, March 23, 2009


I finally own a piece of furniture! I now have a lovely purprle dish chair thanks to my roommate Lacey who had a few too many chairs. (Her mom went a little bit crazy at the beginning of the semester and bought her about five chairs or chair like things because they were on sale.) She was going to give it to Salvation Army, but since I can use it-- since I have no furniture-- I am really enjoying it.

Of course, I do have the furniture that is in my room, like my desk, bed and a very uncomfortable chair, but I don't actualy own those and I can't take them with me when I move out of here in a few months. Not that I would really want to take them with me because they are really old and I could probably find nicer stuff on the side of the road, but I digress.

Anyway, I am thrilled that I have a comfy place to sit and watch TV instead of just sitting on bed and watching TV. It will also be great when people come over, because there will be more places for people to sit!!

Now, if only I could more furniture for free...


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