Friday, March 27, 2009

Busted Moms

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I think that you would have to have been asleep for the past year or so to not have noticed that the economy is pretty bad right now. But, I think that it is pretty clear that Sears is doing their best to make sure that people can still afford that they need and to stimulate the economy. Right until, through April 18th, Sears is offering 75 to 80 percent off of original prices on their fall and winter apparel! While the clothes might not be in season, you could certainly score some amazing deals if you check out the Sears sale! Think of all of the money that you will save! Plus, you’ll be able to stock up for this coming fall and winter!

Also, Sears has launched a great new website called Busted Moms where you can share your stories about how the economy has personally affected you or someone you know. You’ll even be entered into a chance to win a $2,500 prize package from Sears!

You can also follow Busted Moms on Twitter by going to @bustedmoms! Busted Moms is also giving away gift cards for Sears, so please visit one of the websites and share your story! Who knows, you might just end up being one of the lucky winners and be able to give yourself a well-deserved makeover!



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