Thursday, February 12, 2009

After Six

There are a few weddings that I have been invited to go to this summer, and I would jump at the chance to go to all them, but I have nothing to wear! I think that the last wedding that I went to was about three years ago and since that was a fall wedding, I definitely can’t wear the same dress nor would I want to! Today, though, I stumbled across what I think just might be the perfect website for formal wear and tuxedos! If I can’t find something that I like at “After Six”, then I think that it would be safe to say that the problem is with me and not the store! “After Six” has a variety of tuxedo choices for men, including John Galante tuxedos, Seven Unlimited, and After Six Tuxedos. As well, “After Six” also carries a variety of formal dress wear accessories along with having their own bridesmaids dress collection. Now, I am not quite in the position to be picking bridesmaids dresses for myself as I am not getting married, but I think that a lot of these dresses would be suitable to wear to any number of weddings, including the ones that I am invited to go to this summer. Please take a look at the “After Six” website if you are in need of a tuxedo, a bridesmaid dress, or some sort of other formal wear like a new necktie! It should be very easy to find what you are looking for at “After Six”!


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