Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Very wet!

The last four or five days here have been incredibly wet thanks to the massive amount of rain we have received! It has also been very cold, but I am not complaining at all since we really needed the rain!! I think that it is supposed to rain again later this week-- maybe on Saturday, but I am not really sure. It was amazing to out and about yesterday and see what the rain had done. The creek on campus was so very high and there were a lot of puddles all over. In fact, if it had kept up, then I'd wager that certain parts of the town would have just become one major puddle since there seems to be some weird drainage problem here! Anyway, it has been pretty dry today, but cold still. This is definitely more like the winter weather that I had been expecting rather than the near eighty-degree or actual eighty degree weather we were having last month!! Let's hope that it was just a fluke and not a cause to start off the first barbeque of the season!


BK said...

We need the rain here in Singapore; the weather has been so hot that it causes many bush fires. Just the other day I drove past this stretch of road with trees on one side of it and I could clearly see the evidence of fire that turned all the green into brown.

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