Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hello to my dear readers! I'm sorry that my updates haven't been as plentiful as I would like them to be. I guess that is what happens when you go to school full-time and try to have some semblance of a social life! Not too much has been happening on my end, I've just been very busy with school and I have also been trying to decide what to do over the summer. The plan had been, until rather recently, to stay here over the summer so that Tori can go to summer school. But, as it turns out, the class that she is going to take is an online class, which means that we can leave anywhere that there is an Internet connection! Obviously, that changes things, so I have been looking into our various options of where else we can live and where else we want to live. Our mother has just rented a nice, new house in a different town from where we used to live that is right up in the center of a lot of things, so we might go there. Then again, our grandmother, our father, and our sister have all expressed a desire for us to go live with them. (They don't all live together). However, since they are all rather far away from California, it makes it a little impractical at best. We were also thinking about doing something out of state- like working in a summer camp, but then again, who knows?? I am glad that we have a lot of options, but it also makes it hard at the same time because we need to make up our minds-- but at least we have time!


Ivanhoe said...

If you're really not decided try to do the pros & cons list. That always helps me to make up my mind. Good luck :o)

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