Friday, February 20, 2009

5 Minute Mystery!

Most people, who know me, know that I love a good mystery. I love mystery shows, mystery books, mystery games, you name it! So, I was very excited when I found out about this new mystery website called 5 minute mystery! Basically, how it works is that after you sign up, you get to read the case. Then, you sort through the various clues, deciding which are important and which incriminate or exonerate all of the players in the case. After that, you get to choose your suspect and then solve the case! As well, after you sign up, you get daily mystery emails, scoring and clue identification, access to all of the achieved mysteries, rankings and of course the solution! You can also join a league to solve mysteries with other sleuths or just check out their great forum to meet new people and gather clues! Please check it out if you are into mysteries like I am or go ahead and pass the link along to someone that you know would love the website! You can even purchase a subscription to 5 Minute Mystery for someone that you know who loves websites. It sounds like it would make a great gift to me!


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