Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stress Relief!

Living in today’s modern world certainly is nice, but it can also be very stressful. It seems to me that the more devices that we have to make our lives easier, the harder and busier our lives get! Sure, we can get a lot more done that we could have 200 years ago, but is it really good for us and is it worth it? I think that all of this extra busyness has led to extra stress and like a lot of people; I’ve been finding myself more and more in need of some sort of stress relief. Stress Relief can come in many different forms, like a good book or a nice glass of wine, but I’ve been reading about a new product that goes beyond both of those simple fixes. It’s called the StressEraser, and as the name implies, it strives to erase stress or at least teach your body a different way of handling stress and coping. The StressEraser is a FDA-Regulated biofeedback device that will allow you to activate and learn how to control and use your body’s natural relaxation response! All of this can happen within minutes! The price for this awarding device is $179 plus shipping. Please check out the link for more information.


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