Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Presidents, Presidents and more Presidents!

Tori and I have been watching The History Channel tonight and it has been quite enlightening. Most of the programs have been on the various presidents that we have had in the history of the United States, aptly called "The Presidents" and right now we are watching something on FDR. But, boy oh boy, did we learn a lot about our various presidents. For instance, did you know that Hayes' wife didn't allow alcohol in the White House or that Chester A. Arthur had Mr. Tiffany, as in Tiffany and Co, do some redecorating for the White House?? I am so excited to see the next episode tomorrow because I am interested in Cleaveland since his wife was the first White House Bride, and I think the only first lady to be married in the white house. I also want to see the section on Theodore Roosevelt, but I am not sure if they will get that far. Anyway, I recommend the programs, they are great!


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