Monday, January 12, 2009

SOGO Active

Living in today’s modern world is great because of today’s modern conveniences. Never before, can we get so much done with so little physical activity. While this is great news in one respect, it has also created a health problem. People, especially children, aren’t as active as they once where because there are so many more easy ways to get things done. However, this does not mean that you can’t lead an active life and a modern life at the same time and the same is true for the children and youth of the world. One great way for youth, particularly Canadian youth, to remain active or become more active is through SOGO Active. SOGO active was designed by Coca-Cola Canada in conjunction with ParticipACTION in order to create a revolutionary program designed to give Canadian youth the power to change their lives. The SOGO active program and website are very easy to use. After you register, you can create and change your own individual active plan to suit your personal needs and preferences. Also, SOGO active allows you to connect with other people and companies in your area that are participating and hosting various activities. Please check it out if you live in Canada and are seeking a way to become more active. I think that if you look at the site, you’ll agree with me that the best part about the whole program is the ease and flexibility you or your children will have in creating their own program!


Designed by Lena