Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Share Speaker Player

Having a home office, or just a small office, with a lot of computers can be pretty expensive, especially if you want them all to have the same software and hardware capabilities. Of course, it can also be a lot of cords everywhere if you want to have them all connected to each other or if you want them to use one of something rather than having to buy each piece of hardware individually. Did you know that you can have Multiple computers share a set of speakers? This does, of course, require special software, but after you hear about this software, I think that you’ll agree that it is pretty special! Share Speaker Play allows all of the computers in one home office on the same network to share a set of speakers without the hassle of extra cords, cables, couplers, switches or anything else physical in that nature! That means that any of those computers can play music or sound without you having to physically switch the speakers over to that computer! You also only need to have the music or whatever it is you are trying to play on one of the computers, not necessarily the computer that you want it to play on! Just think of that! Check it out if you want to save money!


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