Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New hat and other things.

I got the cutest little green hat at Walgreens yesterday. Now, I never really thought that walgreens would have great hats, but it turns out that sometimes, they really do. Of course, I didn't go in there to buy a hat, well I didn't go in there to NOT buy a hat either, rather, Tori and I went in there to see what they had for five dollars. I told Tori, after we had finishing some grocery shopping at Safeway-- mostly buying her birthday cake-- that we ought to stop off at Walgreens to see what they had for five dollars so that I could get her another birthday present that she could have on her actual birthday. We must have looked crazy with all of our grocery bags, but nonetheless, we were excited-- at least I was-- to see what we could get! The lady who was working there was very nice about it and told us about the big makeup clearance that was going on. Well, it might have been a big makeup clearance for that Walgreens, but it really consisted of a very tiny selection at the end of the aisle. Anyway, Tori was able to find a few eye shadows that looked good and I was caught off guard by the hat! It is just a crocheted green cap with a brim, but it is lovely. There was also this very cute cloche hat there, but I didn't get it because it was decidedly wintry and since we have been having such hot weather lately, I didn't think that I would be able to wear it for quite some time and I wasn't excited about that. I might go back later and check out the other hats because I love hats, always have, and I want to wear them more. Perhaps there is another cloche in a different style that would better for our weather now!


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