Monday, January 19, 2009

Printer Color Hue Meme!

Alright, awhile back, a long while back actually, I had a very crazy dream and after you read about it, you'll see why I chose to title this post "Printer Color Hue Meme".

My crazy Dream-

I dreamt that Dori,From a Yellow House, invited me over to her house because she had tagged me for this new meme called "Printer Color Hue Meme" and I didn't understand how to do it because it involved the printer and movie trailers, so she was going to show me. Once I got there, Dori told me that that it was a really simple meme to do so long as you had a printer and knew how to change the ink cartridge. Then, Dream Dori took her old ink cartridge and hooked it up to the television. At this point, I was a little confused that you could even do that and I asked, "Dori, why are you doing doing that?"

Dream Dori: "Just wait, Courtney, and you'll see."

Me: "Alright".

I then watched in amazement as the TV started to play movie trailers from the printer cartridge. Apparently, at least in my dream, all printer ink cartridges have movie trailers on them, albeit different movie trailers and the point of the meme was to pick the best five movie trailers and pick five different people to pass it on to.

However, before I could get to that part, my roommates came to Dream Dori's house, which by this looked a lot like my apartment, to pick me up because Obama had just been elected and they wanted to go out and party. I'm not really sure what happened next, other than waking up, but I do remember thinking that California and England must really be a lot closer than what I had thought if my roommates could get there so quick!

So on to the real Printer Color Hue Meme! Obviously, since printer ink cartridges don't actually play movie trailers, we can't play it that way, but I did think it would be fun if everybody shared their craziest blogging/Internet dream and then picked five people to do the same!

Since this is my first time at this, I thought that I would go ahead and pick five people to do this but I would like to open it up to everyone who wants to participate in this!

My picks.

1. Dori-- I have to pick Dori, don't I, since it was Dream Dori who inspired all of this!

2. Daisy Bookworm

3. On the Verge

4. Is 8 Enough

5. Rants, Thoughts, and Other Things

Please, anyone do it who wants to do it and anyone who doesn't, don't. This is supposed to be more of a fun and silly thing to share all of our wacky blogging dreams rather than an actual meme!


Elizabeth Harper said...

I love the look of your blog. Lovely colors and design.

Your dream was great too. It sounds like something that would have come out of my subconscious.

Dori said...

I was laughing all the way through this one :) How cool is that to inspire a meme? I will have a think and get my response posted and then let you know. And I'm like Elizabeth...this sounds like something that I would dream...that's why it's so funny :)

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