Monday, January 26, 2009

Even though I lived less than a mile from the ocean for a great many years, I never really went fishing, swimming, or diving there. I shouldn’t say ‘never’, though, I did do those things a few times, but never as much as I wanted to. However, if you like doing those sorts of activities, fishing—commercial or leisure, diving, or boating, then I have a really good website that you need to check it out. It’s Not only does have directory information of all those activities, but it also has directory information about marinas, clubs, organizations, mooring, weather reports, travel services and so much more! I would definitely take a look over here if you are interested in finding more about these services in your area, or if you offer one of these services or know of a place that does that is not in their directory, then take a look so that you can add your website to their directory! Another neat feature of is that they can show you top rated links for the area that you are looking, cool links to check out or a random link if you want to see something just for fun! As well, also offers a newsletter that you can subscribe to, so check it out!


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