Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Crazy Weather

This last week has been really strange for winter weather. Each day, my little weather checker would say that the high would be no more than somewhere in the mid-sixties, and each day it got at least 10 degrees hotter than that. In fact, a few days this week, it was actually in the low eighties!! I am not sure what is going on, especially given the fact that quite a few of my relatives in the midwest are experiencing awfully cold weather, but it just doesn't seem like winter. Although, how can it seem like winter when it is 81 degrees outside and you are used to having that for a summer high? Actually, if it got that warm where I used to live, I would have described it as a heat wave. I just hope that it doesn't get any hotter because if 81 degrees is winter weather, I don't want to know what Spring weather looks like let alone thing about how hot it is going to be by the time summer comes!! Ah well, perhaps after all it is just a fluke, and I should enjoy the sun while it lasts.


Paul Eilers said...

It got down to 7 friggin' degrees here!

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