Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sorry for the Lack of Updates

I have not updated my blog these last few days because I have not been on the internet too much. I've been rather busy rereading some of my old favorites, most recently the Emily series by L M Montgomery. That is Emily of New Moon, Emily Climbs and Emily's Quest. For the most part, I do like them, however, there are several things that I could without. First of all and my biggest problem with the story is that I absolutely hate Dean Priest. He is utterly creepy with his whole obsession with Emily from the very start of their relationship. It is plain as plain from what he says that he loves her and means to have her when she is older. I didn't care for that part at all. Also, Emily's psychic moments, while they don't rub them the wrong way as Dean does, are a little bit annoying. Especially how and why she has them. I can't really explain it, it just seems so unnatural to me (which of course it is unnatural or rather super natural). Finally, I find the last book to be very dramatic with all of the going ons between her, Teddy, Ilse and Perry. It is ridiculous, but I do like the book.

I want to see if I can't find the TV series somewhere and watch it, although I do remember seeing some of it on television once and not liking it because it was entirely messed up. I remember that Aunt Laura really had a husband whom she ran away from. It turned out-- if I remember correctly-- that said husband was awful and had a gal on the side. Then, I think she went to work in some sort of factory where she got sick? I also vaguely remember the episode where Emily and Co. meet the queen and she comes to tea or something or other. I'd still like to see it again though since I never saw it in it's entirety. I also can't remember if they dramatized Dean Priest, but I would like to see how, if at all, that was worked in!!


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