Monday, January 5, 2009

Magnetic Toys

When I was younger, I can remember playing with this toy magnet set that we had. I loved it because connecting the opposing ends was so much fun. It was also fun to try to keep them from connecting and to feel the magnetic pull between the two drawing the objects closer together. I also remember having this other neat magnetic game of farm animals where you had to match the mothers and their babies- if it was a match, they would stick together and if it wasn’t, they wouldn’t. It was very educational and fun- as most magnetic toys are.

Since I had so much fun playing with magnets when I was younger, I decided to look around to see if I couldn’t find any magnetic toys for my niece and my nephews. Oh boy! After a quick search for magnet in usa, I came across MEGA Brands and they have so many neat magnetic toy sets that weren’t around when I was little! I especially like that they have magnetic toys for different age ranges. The littlest boy is less than two so I would definitely want to get him something different from the other kids who are going on five. If any of you out there are looking for magnetic toys for the children in your life- or you want some for yourself because they are really that much fun- then feel free to check out the link!


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