Monday, January 5, 2009

It's a Grey day

It is such a grey day outside. it hasn't exactly rained, well it did rain for a little while very early this morning, but the ground is still wet. That could be from the fog though, I don't know. It is very cold outside-- at least cold to me and cold for here. I wish that we would have some more rain though because it makes the whole world smell so much better and after it is over, everything seems to be a bit brighter.

In other news, I think that someone around here must be having a party or a whole lot of people have returned from vacation because it has been very noisy today. Noisier than usual. It could be that people have come back for school already- since winter secession courses started today. Or it could just be that there are some really loud people outside right now. Whatever they are doing, whatever they are here for, I do hope that they quiet down at some point because I am not a fan. I think that grey days like this are best when you can stay inside and read books all day. It doesn't quite work out so well when there is a lot of noise on the outside.


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