Saturday, January 3, 2009

Log Cabins

Since I’ve been fan of “Little House on the Prairie” for as long as I can remember, it should come as no shock to my readers that I would love to live in a log cabin. Actually, it is one of the dreams of my life. I would also love to live in England because well, I just love England and most things British. Today, I think that I found the perfect site, because it combines both of those things- a British log cabin company! The Timberworks Garden Company has a wide variety of log cabins that can be delivered anywhere in the UK. Besides log cabins, Timberworks Garden Company also offers greenhouses, concrete garages, playhouses—how neat would that be?!?- sheds, decking, summerhouses, steel sheds, and few other things. I must say that past their selection of log cabins, their playhouses are my favorite because they are amazing and absolutely stunning. It definitely makes me wish that I had had one of those as a child instead of an old goat shed. Timberworks Garden Company offers these products at amazing prices and their website is very easy to use, so check it out if you live in the UK and are longing for a log cabin or one of their other great products.


Jack said...

I too love to live in logging cabin. But in India not in England. Happy Blogging!!! I love your writing style.

Kadir said...

Logging cabin is a perfect fit in winter season. I too love to live in.

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