Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lens Alert

I have worn glasses since I was about one and a half, but it wasn’t until I was seventeen or so that I started to wear contact lenses, however I didn’t wear them for very long because I always, always forgot to tell my mom when I needed more and I always forgot how long I had been using a particular pair. I remember one time I couldn’t remember if I needed to switch them out for new ones or not, so I wore the old ones. Boy was that a mistake! Those contacts irritated my eyes really bad and it made it so I had to wear glasses for a few days while my eyes healed up. As far as I can tell, two things would have made my contact experience much better. Firstly, if I had known about online ordering, I would never have forgotten to get a new pair. AC Lens is one such place that offers online ordering for the benefit of its customers. Also, AC lens has a cool new product called the LensAlert Contact lens timer that will tell you when you need to switch out your contact lenses for a new pair and when you need to switch your contact lens case! When I try contact lenses again, I will definitely get this so that I can protect my eyes from my rather forgetful brain!


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