Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Semi-Warm today

I thought that our spout of unseasonably warm weather was over earlier today when it was only in the sixties, but now it is back up into the mid-seventies, so I am not sure at all. However, it did take it longer to get hotter, so that is a good thing, because I really, really don't want it to get hot before it is time for hot weather. Yet, at the same time, I really don't want it to cool down too much because I am not really a fan of cold weather either. It is all about finding a good balance. But, that is true of practically everything in life!

Yesterday, Tori got some sleep aid pills and I tried one, but I am not really sure how well it worked. If anything, I think that it woke me up more. You probably have to take more than one to find out if it really works or not. It could have been other things that I was doing or thinking about that made me more awake. I will try another one tonight and see if it goes over better. However, on my own, I have moved my fall asleep time three to four hours ahead of what it was, so if I can keep slowly moving it back, then I should be good. Right now I am falling asleep around 11:45 PM, which isn't too bad, but I keep on waking up around 6 AM and not being able to go back to sleep. Actually, I am being awoken by sounds at 6 AM, so I need to learn how to deal with that so that I can sleep better. Because, getting up at 6 AM Is not my cup of tea and by the time it is noon, I am so tired and ready for a nap. Hopefully, a few things that I have in store will help with that!


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