Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Corn bread an chili!

Tonight, I am making corn bread and chili for my roommate and myself. Actually, I am really only cooking the corn bread and heating up the chili because it is some chili that my sister made for me and sent down. I am very excited it to eat because I love corn bread and chili. Now, it doesn't always agree with my stomach-- the beans that is-- but I think that I can eat it this once and it will be fine. Besides, the type of chili that my sister makes doesn't generally give me an upset stomach, so I think that I will be good on that front. Now, if I still ate dairy, I would eat it with cheese and sour cream. Since I don't, I think that cornbread and chili will be just fine. I can't say what my roommate will do with hers, but I'm getting hungry just waiting for her to come home.


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