Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Zenni Has New Holiday Frames!

It is high time that I get new glasses, and my dear sister Tori could also use a new pair. Now, one of the best places that I have found to buy eyeglasses online, actually one of the best places to buy glasses anywhere, is Zenni Optical! Zenni Optical has prescription eyeglasses, frame and all, from only $8!! How incredible is that? Zenni Optical is able to do this because they cut out the middleman and they deal directly with the manufacturers themselves. Now, when I first heard that you could get prescription glasses from Zenni Optical for only $8, I thought that the glasses would have to be ugly and poorly made. However, once I actually took a look at the glasses, I realized that I was wrong. Zenni has such cute frames, they even have cute new Holiday frames, and Zenni’s eyeglasses come highly recommended from The Clark Howard Show and have even been featured on Fox News! Also, Zenni Optical has a flat rate for shipping, which is less than $5 for shipping to the US, which means that whether you buy 1 pair of glasses or 56 pairs, you won’t go broke doing so! This is definitely the place to buy from if you need a new pair of glasses or if you would like to get new pair for someone as a gift! Check it out!


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