Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I think that most of my readers are also fellow bloggers and if they aren’t, I think that they at least own a website. So, I have a question for all of you website-owners, did you do a lot of research before you bought your domain name? I did some, and I am fairly happy with where I finally got it, but now doing more research, I wonder if perhaps I should have done some more research into various web hosting sites because I am not quite sure what comes with mine and what doesn’t. One really interesting website that I found was UK-Cheapest. UK-Cheapest offers many services with their basic hosting plan that other web hosting sites charge you extra for. For example, when you register a domain name with UK-Cheapest, you are paying for two years instead of just one year. As well, there are no hidden rates or fees in this registration, so when you go to renew your domain name, there will be no hidden charges. Also, with just your domain name registration, you get the ability to forward emails, create a 3 page website, forward urls, customize the domain DNS, and so much more! As well, they will never charge you without your express permission so the next time that you are looking for a domain name then check out UK-Cheapest!


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