Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It is very sunny outside today but it is still very, very cold. I think that it is only about 35 degrees or so outside, which might not seem that cold to some of my readers, but it is pretty cold for me! At least it is sunny though, I thought that it might be raining again this morning, but I guess it was just the wind. It can get pretty darn windy here. Although, I just looked at the weather updater thing on my computer and it says that it is going to rain here tomorrow and rain on Thursday. I have no idea if I want to believe it or not because so often it is wrong. Last time I looked at it, it said that it was going to rain all day Saturday and Sunday next, but now it says that it will be sunny! Oh well, I do hope that my rain boots get here soon, that way give me my umbrella and I will be fine in all sorts of weather!


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