Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chirp, Chirp!

Right now, it sounds like spring right outside my front door. There are all of these birds going 'chirp, chirp', and some are whistling tunes. I really have no idea what that is about, but it is rather nice to know that after winter, there will be spring. Although, since it has only been winter for TWO DAYS, I think that I am going to have to wait a little bit longer for spring to come back in full force. I guess that these birdies are happy winter birds, although, I really don't know too much about winter birds or if we even have any here. It would make me sad if these birds jut got left behind or forgot to go south for the winter. Oh well, I hope that they can stay warm or I hope that they are winter birds that like the cold and the chill. Their songs are really nice though and definitely brightened up my spirit!


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