Wednesday, December 24, 2008

U-Cord Discount!

I just found out that my very good friend from high school is expecting her first baby and I am so very excited for her! I was happy when she got married last Christmas, and now that she is having a baby I am overjoyed. One thing that I will have to tell her about is Cryo-Cell ’s U-Cord because I think that it is such an important thing to have to help secure her baby’s future. U-Cord is Cryo-Cell’s amazing blood cord stem cell collection program. As most people know, blood cord stem cells have an amazing potential to help treat diseases—over 70 are known—and help in transplant situations. That is definitely reason enough for me to believe in the importance of banking such stem cells. But, such banking can be incredibly expensive. Never fear, Cryo-Cell is to the rescue in our hard economic times! Right now, if you order by midnight on December 24th, using the promotional code “D995”, then you can save $725 and get U-Cord for a very, very special price of $995 which includes the processing, testing and first year’s worth of storing! Also, if you decide to cancel, the cancellation fee will be waived! So, any of you who are pregnant out there or now someone who is expecting, then definitely check out this link because an offer like this won’t last long!!


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