Friday, December 26, 2008

!Teacup Yorkie Dogs!

I can’t remember the last time that I had a dog—okay that is not exactly true, I can remember the last time that I had a dog, but let us just say that it was just a really, really, really long time ago! Yet, even though I haven’t had one for awhile, I still love looking at people’s photos of their dogs or hearing about their dogs. And, I think that I found a great new site called “Teacup Yorkie Dogs” and I love it! The website is about these two yorkie dogs named Isabella and Buddy. The yorkies are just so cute! It really makes me wish that I lived in a place where I could have dogs, maybe next year because this site is really wetting my appetite. Not only does “Teacup Yorkie Dogs” write about all of the adventures of Isabella and Buddy, but there are also a lot of product reviews of various Yorkies and Yorkie dog items, like toy Yorkies (which I think I will have to look into since I can’t have a real dog, that sounds like the best alternative!). Check it out, readers; if you are a fan of dogs, I really think that you will like it!


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