Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow.

It is supposed to snow later on today and maybe tomorrow- and I believe it! Apparently it snowed up where I used to live before I moved here. Since that town is right on the coast and to the north of us, I definitely think that snow is bound to happen here since I am much, much, much more inland than they are!! My sister was very surprised that it snowed up there especially because it does not snow up there very often at all. The last time that it snowed there was about 2 years ago so it doesn't really seem like they were ready for it happening again so soon. Whatever. I do know that all of the children were thrilled with the snow, but for some reason, they were under the impression that they couldn't go anywhere- not even in the car- because of the snow. Whaat can I say? Children surely do get weird ideas in their heads sometimes, but you've got to love them because they are so cute and they say the funniest things! Like Rosie who just the other day asked Santa Claus for a nice shovel for Christmas. Not just any shovel mind you, it has to be red, purple and pink. Silly girl, but I do hope that her parents can manage one for her because that is apparently what she really wants.


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