Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Movie Night

As I child, I loved our family movie nights. Generally, these happened about once a week. We would usually watch old movies like “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”, “Fiddle on the Roof”, “Little Women”, “Father of the Bride”, “Sound of Music”, all great movies. It was always so much fun. We would put on our pajamas, bring out our blankets and drink hot coco or cider while we watched the movie. Sometimes, we would have chips and dip. We never really had popcorn so much because my mom is allergic, but the lack of it never detracted from the amount of fun we would have watching movies together. Now, since I no longer live at home, movie night is a little different. I either watch movies with my roommates or with my sister. But, I do know that when I have my own family, I will want to have family movie night.

If you are a family that does family movie night, then let me tell you about a new movie that is coming to DVD this January and it has an excellent message. All Roads Lead Home The Movie is a story about a girl who loses her mother in a tragic accident. She then goes on a journey of self-discovery when she goes to visit her grandfather. It sounds like a very interesting movie to me and it sounds like it would be a perfect movie for family movie night. If you are interested, then please check out the following movie trailer!



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