Monday, December 1, 2008

Maine Vacation Rentals

Of the places that I want to visit, Maine is pretty high up on the list. I have always wanted to go to Maine and I actually wouldn’t mind living there. It has the mountains and the ocean, which are two of my favorite things in the world, so what is not to love? However, I think that a vacation to Maine is in order before I move there just to make sure that I like it. But once again, because Maine is so full of natural beauty, I’m sure that I will. If you have been thinking about taking a vacation to Maine, but I suggest that you take a look at Maine vacation rentals because a vacation rental can save you a bundle of money as opposed to a hotel. Just think of it, not only will you have more room, it is cheaper per square foot, but you’ll also have to ability to cook for yourself and have a place to entertain if you decide to have folks over. Just looking at the HomeAway site, I saw so many nice rentals in Maine that would do well for a vacation. They are all very reasonably priced, for example, I could get a 5 bedroom house rental for only a little over 1,000 a week! There is no way that I could rent that many hotels at the same price!! Check it out!


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