Monday, December 1, 2008

All of my roommates are now back from vacation so it is much nosier here than it has been the past week or so! But, I am glad that they are back because I did miss them. My last roommate came back today and the other two came back yesterday. But, the roommate who came back the last brought all of these holiday decorations from home and now our apartment is completely bedazzled. It actually looks quite nice in the kitchen. She put up these colored lights and they are very, very pretty. Unfortunately, one string of the lights is broken so she said that she is going to find more so that she can finish putting up the lights because as it is now, there is a certain section that doesn't have any and it looks a little bare. She also has these fake little presents that she set out on the table and they are really quite cute. I am making some stockings and after I have them done they are going up on the wall, that with the lights should make the decorations complete and quite beautiful.


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