Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Heroic Dollar

I just watched an amazing video that really made me think about the state of things, especially my spending habits and what I can do to help others. Here is the video, please watch it folks, I really liked it and thought that it had a very interesting message-

One thing that you can do to make your dollar more heroic, as the video suggests, is by donating to our heroes at home and one great way that you can do this is through Sears’ “Heroes At Home Gift Registry”. The Heroes at Home Gift Registry was started by Sears in an attempt to help our heroes at home- veterans, actively serving soldiers, and their families. How it works is that the families, veterans, or actively serving soldiers supply Sears with their wish lists and Sears then tabulates what folks wants and allows you to donate money to their various causes. It is very easy to see what folks want by visiting the Sears website and most of what is wanted, more like needed, are basic necessities like clothing and shoes. Even though this donation is not tax-deductable, a few dollars here and there could really help out this great cause. Please donate if you can and check out the Sears’ website for more information on the Heroes at Home Gift Registry.



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