Tuesday, December 2, 2008


How important to you is it that your children get good grades? How important to you is it that education is accessible all around the world? How important to you is it that students are awarded for their academic achievements? I know that these are tough questions and can’t always be easily answered, but I think that for more the most part, most people think that all of these are important.

Now I am going to ask you another question. Have you ever heard of Gradefund? If not, let me explain. Gradefund is a company that strives to achieve the goals of rewarding students for their academic excellence, creating a way for a good, solid education to be available to everyone, sending out educational resources efficiently, and establishing a system so that the world can find and help those who are talented enough to fix her problems. If any of those goals sound like something that you would like to participate in, Gradefund has created a very easy way for you to do so. For example, one of the things that you can do is either sponsor a student or a class, so that when academic excellence is achieved said people are rewarded. As well, for every sponsor, Gradefund donates a laptop to a child in need! Isn’t that amazing? Please check out the Gradefund website to learn more and to Start your GradeFund Today!


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