Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I finished both of the response papers like I wanted to tonight! It was very hard work, but I am very glad to have them both finished. After I did the first one, I did not feel like doing the second one at all because the questions seemd very confusing and long-winded. Because of that, I thought that it would take me longer on the second one than it had taken me on the first one. Well, surprisingly and happily, I was wrong. After I re-read the questions, one, they made a lot more sense, and two, I realized how very simple it was. The second paper probably took me a half-hour to write whereas the first took me so much longer than that! Anyway, now that I have those two papers out of the way, I only have to write two more papers and take four tests. Then, I shall be done with school! Yipee, oops, I forgot that I also have to take another quiz and fill out some surverys for extra credit... oh well, those last few things are not as important as the first whatsoever, so I think that I shall be able to get it all done. Boy, am I going to be glad when this week is over!


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