Saturday, December 27, 2008

College Zapps!

It has been awhile since I was a junior or a senior in high school, but I still remember the college application process very well and let me tell you, it was not very much fun at all! It took so long to complete each application and some of the steps were pretty complicated. However, I just found out about these great new website called that takes the pain out of applying to different colleges, finding colleges and applying for scholarships by working in tandem with Zinch and Scholarship Experts.

Basically, it works in three parts. First, allows a student to complete one application for all of the colleges that they would want to apply for. This works by a student imputing all of the data that they need for a single application and then formats it correctly for the specific college. All a student has to do is print it out and mail it in! Studies have shown that by using this great tool, students will apply to more colleges and have an easier time at it because less time is involved in creating the various applications because information only needs to be imputed once! Please click here to learn how CollegeZapps can help you apply to college.

Secondly, students can easily see which colleges they should apply for by signing up with Zinch. After completing a profile, Zinch creates matches for colleges that work best with the student’s personality and the student’s learning desire. As well, students can receive feedback from counselors at various schools and other students.

Thirdly and finally, Scholarship Experts takes a profile of a student and links to them scholarships that are a best match for them. Scholarship Experts works hard to ensure that all information is updated and that the student’s personal information is not shared with anyone it should not be shared with!

Please check out the link above if you are interesting in learning more about any of these programs!


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