Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun Times

My sister and brother in law made it here yesterday safe and sound. Even though they only spend the night, I still think that we had a pretty good time. We ate Chinese food along with some suishi and the suishi was pretty delicious. The chinese food wasn't that good, in fact, I like the other place that I order from a lot better. At least I know for next time to just stick with what I know works. Then, after we ate, we all watched "The Dark Knight" which was a pretty interesting movie. I am not sure that I liked it, but I didn't dislike it at the same time. I guess that I will have to learn more about Batman and see the first movie before I make up mind. I did kind of think that it was silly that "Two-Face" was only "Two-Face" for a few minutes, sure got rid of him quick! Anyhoo, after the movie, we all turned in for the night, and this morning, before my sister left, she made a breakfast of pancakes for everyone. It was pretty good and pretty unique considering she got the mix out of a spray can-- like you would have for whipped cream! They were great though!


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