Friday, December 26, 2008

All About Wheelchair Lifts!

Although I have been around a lot of people who have used wheelchairs, even I had one when I was younger, I really didn’t know that much about wheelchair lifts until I went to the Ameri-Glide website. Did you know that there are two basic types of wheelchair lifts for vehicles? The first, an exterior wheelchair lift, is used for the outside of the car and goes on the back of the car via a hitch, much in the same manner that a trailer would attach to the back of a car. These wheelchair lifts are designed to go up and down so that whatever is being stored there, be it a scooter or a wheelchair, can be easily driven onto the platform and then lifted up to store while driving. The second type of wheelchair lift is an interior one; it goes inside of the car. Unlike the exterior wheelchair lift, the interior lift, it cannot be easily removed.

These devices are used to make life easier for both the person who needs the chair or scooter and for the person transporting the person who needs mobility assistance. With a lift, it is much easier for the mobility challenged person to get around to places that they can’t go in their chair or scooter. Such a lift makes life much easier for those need it. If you are looking for a lift, either for yourself or for someone you know, then please check out the Ameri-Glide website, they have a lot of great information on there!


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