Friday, December 26, 2008

so full

I talked to my sister today, the one that lives in the Midwest, and it was funny because we both had turkey sandwiches with almost the same condiments and what not on it. Maybe that shouldn't surprise me as much as it did considering that we both grew up in the same household and thus ate basically the same food, but it did, especially because we both chose the same TIME to eat them. My sandwich was 'way different' than hers, in her words, because I had pickle slices on mine and she did not. Apparently, she hates pickles- go figure. You would think that I would know something like that because she is my sister and we lived together for about 19 years, but I guess people still surprise you sometimes no matter how long you have know them. I, on the other hand, love pickles!! Scratch that, I love dill pickles but I hate, hate, sweet pickles and I think that they are super nasty. But other than that, I love pickles (of course, by pickles I mean pickled cucumbers and not another pickled substance.)


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