Monday, December 29, 2008


I just signed up at a new consumer social network called Acobay and I quite like it. Now, you might go to Acobay and assume that it is just another review website and you’d be completely wrong. Sure, you can review products on Acobay, but that is not what it is all about. Acobay is about connecting you to other consumers who have bought the same stuff, ate the same food, read the same book, watched the same movie, etc. This is great because it not only allows you to make new friends, but it also connects you with valuable information. For example, say you just purchased a new Macbook, you can connect with other owners of the same Macbook and ask them questions if you are confused. Or you can connect with someone else who has a passion for collecting the same types of baseball cards that you do! That is what makes Acobay different from other review sites because it is all about the connections that you can make while you are reviewing and using the products that you normally use. Go ahead and sign up folks, read some discussions or post if you feel so inclined. But, I must warn you, this is definitely a website that you can get addicted to!


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